1 September


Rafael Maria de Aguillar y Ponce de Leon, Knight of the Order of Alcantara, and a military officer, assumes governorship of the Philippines. He strengthens fortifications, calls into service Filipino troops, introduces various reforms, and establishes a shipyard at Binondo to build boats for war with the Muslims.


A royal decree is issued by King Charles IV ordering the use of smallpox vaccine in the Philippines. The office of Smallpox Vaccine is created by another decree, that of December 20, 1806.


Founding of the Ateneo Municipal de Manila.


Birth of Alejandro Albert, educator, pharmacist and the "Father of Baseball" in the Philippines. Died on December 20, 1936.


The Revista Popular de Filipinas is published by Pascual H. Poblete.


Dr. Pio Valenzuela submits to the Spanish authorities after having failed to see the chief executive in MalacaƱang. He is granted executive pardon; and freely discloses information concerning the Katipunan, its codes, its plans, and the identity of its leading members.

The leaders of Kawit, Cavite, join the Imus bolomen under Jose Tagle in attacking and capturing the estate house of the friars and barracks of the civil guards in Imus.


The Boletin de la Camara de Commercio EspaƱola en Filipinas is published.


Its preliminary task as a fact-finding committee having come to an end, the Taft Commission begins its legislative and executive functions.


Three outspoken pro-American Filipinos – Dr. Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera, Benito Legarda, Sr., and Jose Luzuriaga are appointed members of the Philippine Commission.

Four members of the Commission are made heads or secretaries of the Executive Departments by the President of the United States. These are: for Commerce and Police, Luke E. Wright; for Finance and Justice, Henry C. Ide; for Public Instruction, Bernard Moses; and for Interior, Dean S. Worcester.

El Renacimiento, an anti-American daily, is published with Martin Ocampo as publisher and Rafael Palma as editor.

The Philippine Normal College, established as a Normal School by Act No. 74 of the Philippine Commission, opens in the Escuela Municipal, Intramuros, Manila.

The Philippine Constabulary detachment for Ambos Camarines is organized by Captain Edward S. Luthi and quartered in Nueva Caceres.


The City of Baguio is founded.


President Elpidio Quirino appoints Ramon Magsaysay Secretary of National Defense.