30 September


Jeronimo de Silva arrives and takes charge of the military affairs of the Philippines. He wins a victory over seven Dutch vessels off Corregidor.


A royal cedula is issued providing that the inspection, weighing, and measuring of merchandise on board the galleons must be resorted to only when complaints are made about cargo exceeding its legal value.


Birth of Sofia R. de Veyra, social worker, educator, secretary of the Asociacion Feminista and director of the Woman's Board of Saint Paul's Hospital. Died on January 1, 1953.


Dr. Jose Rizal, in his essay "Filipinas Dentro de cien aƱos," which appears for the first time in La Solidaridad at Madrid, exhorts Spain to give more rights to Filipinos, or she will surely lose the Philippines.


A royal order is issued committing Rizal, to the garrison of Alhucemas, where he is to stay as a deportee.

Skirmishes with Spanish forces takes place in Marikina, Muntinglupa and other points close to Cavite, with the Filipinos winning the engagements.

The revolutionaries of San Mateo and Bosoboso joining forces with those of Binangonan, attack Cainta, and capture all the weapons and ammunition in the town hall.


President Diosdado Macapagal issues an executive order implementing R.A. 2717, otherwise known as the Electrification Administration Act, to provide electricity to every town and reduce the cost of electric power for industrial development.