20 September


Execution of Josefa Gabriela Silang, leader, after her husband Diego of a bloody revolt.


A royal order is issued creating the Port of Zamboanga.


Birth in Dingras, Ilocos Norte, of Josefa Escoda, social worker provider of food, clothing, medicine, and comfort to Filipino and American prisoners of war during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Died in January, 1945.


Twenty miles of railway are opened for traffic in Cebu.


Canonical coronation of the Virgin of Pe├▒afrancia in Naga City.


The election of the delegates to the Japanese-sponsored National Assembly takes place. One half of them are elected by provincial and municipal officials, who have to choose from the names submitted by the KALIBAPI. The other half is composed of provincial governors and city mayors, who under the new Constitution, are to be ex-officio members of the assembly.