21 September


A Dominican friar, Juan de Arrechedera, a native of Caracas, and bishop-elect of Nueva Segovia, becomes ad interim governor of the Philippines. He quells the insurrection in Batangas and fortifies Manila and Cavite against the English.


Governor Carlos Maria de la Torre entertains Filipinos at a reception in honor of the promulgation of the new Spanish Constitution in the Philippines.


The Sultan and Datus of Buloung, Cotabato, inform the Spanish authorities that they are willing to acknowledge Spanish rule in their territories. The offer is accepted by the Military Commander of the Parang garrison, thus completing the pacification of the entire district.


Tomas Remigio is arrested by the Spanish authorities because of his revolutionary activities. He is sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment and incarcerated in Barcelona and, later, in Cartagena, Spain.


Dr. T. H. Pardo de Tavera, who is in favor of a Philippine Republic under American protection, says that he is the most ardent defender of that idea and its principal propagandist.


General John C. Bates returns from Jolo after having stationed garrisons of one company each at Siasi and Tawi-Tawi.


All Filipino prisoners in Guam, except Apolinario Mabini, his brother, Artemio Ricarted, and Aquilino Randeza, board the transport "Warren" and sail for Manila.


American planes in great numbers bomb Japanese military installations in Manila and other parts of the Philippines.