24 September


Convinced that the Philippines is situated within the Spanish zone marked out by the 1493 demarcation lines, Philip II, of Spain, decides to send one more expedition to the Philippines. He instructs the Viceroy of Mexico to fit out two ships for the purpose, insisting that the latter avoid sailing the ships to Moluccas.


Manuel de Leon takes possession of the Philippines as new governor-general. During his time the seeds of "cacao" are brought to the Philippines and planted in Carigara, Leyte.


Eruption of Taal Volcano


After their demand for the surrender of Manila is rejected, the British troops attack and bombard the Walled City. From the bastion of San Diego and San Andres, Spanish guns retaliate throughout the day but without success. General Draper assures Filipinos and mestizos that they will not be harmed, unless they make common cause with the Spaniards in the fight, and promises to exempt women and children from tribute.


Establishment of the town of Legazpi.