27 September


A royal decree authorizes Admiral Ignacio Maria de Alava to establish a naval bureau in Manila with full command and jurisdiction of the navy in the Philippines. This bureau takes charge of the management of the Cavite shipyard, the construction of the vessel, and the naval defense of the Philippines.


Birth of Cosme Abaya, a Roman Catholic Priest, one of the supporters of Father Jose Burgos in the secularization movement, in Candon, Ilocos Sur. Died on June 4, 1908.


Birth of Benito Legarda, statesman, Vice-President of the Malolos Congress, member of the Philippine Commission, and one of the resident commissioners sent to the United
States. Died on August 27, 1915.


Birth of General Malvar, farmer, businessman, Batangas revolutionary leader and the last general to surrender to the Americans. Died on October 13, 1911.


The Miguel Malvar Centenary Year is celebrated under the sponsorship of the National Historical Commission.