28 September


Juan Vargas begins his administration as governor-general of the Philippines. He rebuilds the College of Santa Potenciana in Manila.


Father Miguel BraƱas, O.S.A., chosen by the Governor to lead the Filipino troops from San Fernando to Bangcusay, succeeds in bringing into the city new reinforcements composed of 1,000 Tagalogs and 4,000 Pampangos.


The President of the provisional government of Albay, Anacleto Solano, sends a message of adhesion to General Emilio Aguinaldo, President of the Philippine Republic.


General Jacob H. Smith invades the province of Samar and carries out his famous order to burn and kill, evan children 10 years of age, and convert the unfortunate province into a "howling wilderness." This is the so-called "Balangiga Affair."


Birth of Wenceslao Q. Vinzons, delegate to Constitutional Convention, governor of Camarinez Norte and patriot. He died on July 8, 1942.


An eruption of Taal volcano kills about 2,000 persons, wipes out an entire barrio an destroys 10 other sitios.