19 June


The Governor of Zamboanga receives an order from Governor-General Manrique de Lara to evacuate the fort of Zamboanga and re-enforce the Manila garrison against the threatened attack of the Chinese pirate Kue-Sing.


Birth in Calamba, Laguna, of Jose Rizal, the national hero.


A royal order gives official recognition to the Red Cross in the Philippines as a beneficent undertaking.


The Republican Party meets in Philadelphia and approves the well-known slogan for the Philippines: “Our authority cannot be less than our responsibility.”


The teaching of the National Language begins in all public and private schools.


A gigantic parade features Manila’s observance of Loyalty Day, headed President Quezon.


The KALIBAPI elects twenty members of the Preparatory Commission for Philippine Independence (PCPI). This body is charged with the task of framing a constitution for the Japanese-sponsored Republic headed by Dr. Jose P. Laurel.


A naval and air battle ensues between American and Japanese forces on the Philippine Sea.


A reconstruction of the Rizal house in Calamba, Laguna is inaugurated with President Elpidio Quirino as principal speaker.


The nation celebrates the centenary of the birth of Dr. Jose Rizal.


Republic Act No. 4346 providing for the changing of the name of the town of Bailen, Cavite, to “Emilio Aguinaldo” municipality, is approved by President Diosdado Macapagal.