20 June


Bishop Domingo de Salazar writes to the King imploring redress for the injustices and the sufferings endured by the Indians, who are continually oppressed by the Spanish officials. As a result of ill-treatment, the Filipino villages are rapidly being depopulated.


Governor Gomez Peresz DasmariƱas sends a letter to King Philip II complaining of the maltreatment of the Filipinos by the friars.


The King of Spain decrees that education in the Philippines to be free of charge, that teachers be selected from the sacristans or assistants of the parish priest, and that the teaching of Spanish be given greater weight.


Aguinaldo issues rules for the holding of sessions in the different juntas and councils and for the organization of police forces and tribunals, civil records, property, registration, and the census.

Jose Clemente Zulueta establishes La Libertad, a revolutionary newspaper.


The Japanese vessel Nonubiki Maru leaves Nagasaki for the Philippines loaded with 10,000 Murata riffles, 6,000,000 rounds of ammunition, and other war supplies purchased by Mariano Ponce.