21 June


Miguel Lopez de Legazpi receives orders to take possession of the Philippines and become first governor. In theory, the Filipinos cease to be free allies and become subjects of Spain.


King Philip II of Spain issues a royal decree confirming the designations of “Insigne y siempre leal Ciudad” and “Nuevo Reino de Castilla” given by Governor Miguel Lopez de Legazpi to the City of Manila and the Island of Luzon, respectively.


General Manuel Tinio and Colonel Tecson subdue the Spanish garrison at San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, and seize 1,050 rifles and 500,000 cartridges.

The Land Tenancy Law is approved by President Aguinaldo.


Tarlac is made the capital of the Philippine Republic


The peace assembly in Manila under Paterno and Bencamino decides to present to the Americans its proposals for peace.

An Amnesty decree is issued by General Arthru MacArthur to all persons who at some time since February 4, 1899 have taken part in the insurrection against the United States.


William H. Taft is appointed first civil governor of the Philippines. During his term, he undertakes the purchase, for the Insular Government the large tracts of agricultural land from the religious orders, and declares them public domain for sale to tenants.

An executive order of the U.S. Secretary of War is issued designating July 4 of this year as the formal change over from military to civil government in the Philippines.


Artemio Ricarte is deported to Hong Kong on board the steamer “Tean” because of his refusal to take the oath of allegiance to the United States.


Birth of Cesar Fernando Basa, pilot and hero of World War II. Died on December 12, 1941.


Creation of Dagupan, Pasay, Lipa, and Ormoc as chartered cities.